NIT Rourkela : A milestone of my journey (First Year)

I have had dreams of taking admission into an IIT, to get a feel of being an IITian, for a better education, for a brand name. Amidst all my efforts of being one IITian I ended up as an NITian. With a low self esteem and a fallacious belief over my capabilities, I  took admission in National Institute of technology Rourkela. This place is so so far from my home town that I was already depressed because of very long distance that I had to travel to come here. I never thought or pictured how my coming two years are turning out to be. I  Never expected any extra ordinary things to happen with me at this place.

It started with a hope when I took my boarding pass of GD Birla hall of residence, shared room with one of the finest person that i met here for the first time. Such a nice hostel to live in, so spacious with mess, serving a much better food than that I  had expected earlier.


Celebrated Teacher’s day with my branch mates and had a great time interacting with everyone at NIT for the first time, oh and it was my first venture as an Anchor and i rocked. 😀


They celebrated my birthday and brought a surprise cake for me and took one of my nicest photo, I was genuinely happy and nothing more I could have expected for my birthday.


Things got better when I started to explore NIT and its surrounding in all possible ways.  Whether it was time when we went to Vaishno Devi Temple, our first outing in NIT


or the time when Archery was not so easy, even though the target was in sight.


Backpost was never so far to chill out and slip out of the campus by a wicket door and have a feel of locality that is still there in Rourkela.


Went to khandadhar with guys of my department and experienced the force, water can contain in itself when I just let myself under the water falling from almost 801 feet. It was cold and breath taking.


And yeah, I was the master chef in that trip. Forget chicken, I can even cook a man. 😀


An unforgettable trip to Puri and Bhubenashwar with bunch of people I barely knew at that time. Those two days of trip made an impact among us and I found some great people as my friends out of my department.


I think i just got overrated for my anchoring at teacher’s day that they again trusted me to handle it when we bid farewell to our seniors. And once again I did not let them down. 🙂

EC Farewell 145

First year has been completed and I think it was perfect in almost all senses. I met some awesome people and made lifetime bonding with them. Got to learn about this stunning place and felt so close to nature because of the beautiful greenery of this campus. Not desires but expectations were fulfilled in NIT.


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