I am running furiously, my legs are not supporting the chase and each step is like a wiggle in the sand, making it even harder to move further. And i hear a sound of gunshot behind my back with a blaze that made me blind for a moment. Next moment I am on the ground with A thrust on my chest and its all liquefied when i ran my fingers over my rib. A bullet is through my chest and i m taking it out with my fingers crying with pain, tears all over my face. Fingers dipped in my blood. A nasty pain which brings me almost to death. And that’s the moment i open my eyes that almost have bloodshot within. I literally check my chest for the bullet or blood, its fine but i can feel my heart that is pumping furiously and eager to come out of the chest. And then i dont go to sleep again because i am horrified. I can not forget the excruciating scene of my death in my dream. This is the nightmare i face atleast once in a week….. 😦


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    1. vivekexpo says:

      Thanks… 🙂

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