Raw Happiness

It is truly said that one who does not apologies is a more happy person than the one who apologies. And thus I come into the category of less happy person who occasionally take responsibility of being at fault and feel bad about it and then apologizing for it. What if I never feel bad about anything that I have done, and don’t give a single damn or never regret things that went wrong at times because of me? Would I be happier? I have no idea how would I feel if I start to live that way.


Maybe what they say is true, maybe if I don’t feel sorry, I will not have to sit in dismay and expect the forgiveness from next person. Who has given next person the authority to declare if I am wrong or not, I don’t see anybody at no fault at all. I think I would be happier if I abruptly change my mindset and be emotionless.  I wish u never learn how it feels to be the reason of ultimate happiness for someone and then turning into reason of extreme pain for the same person later in time.

Life is twisted and tangled. Finding a way out is not possible. Every other person will forget u once you have served their purpose in their life same as you will completely forget in how many ways a string is tangled if you have control over its ends.  I wish you never have to experience that moment when you burst out crying loud alone in your room and you realize no one truly knows how unhappy you are because you don’t want anybody to know. If they aren’t the part of your sadness, they truly don’t deserve to be there when u r happy.

Sometimes we don’t have much to say because there were lots of things that were left unsaid. In those time apologies won’t work, they will only make you a weak person and make u feel bad about yourself. So stop apologizing for everything. You don’t mean to take responsibility of everything because it was not only you who was at fault.


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