I have a thinking that i am more friend to my friends than to myself .I got to know about some of my things for the first time when I shared them with my friends. I came to know about myself from them more than that i could figure out by myself. I seek family in my friends and friends in my family and i am really happy to find that. Sometimes I am at faults and it makes me feel devastated. and sometimes I am dumb and stupid that I am proud of. In the timeline of my life there are only three kind of people who have always stick to me all my life. those are My family and few friends and Me. I don’t compare them to each other because they all have their part in my life. I do fight with my family and get mad to them knowing they will never counter mad with me and go away from my life. and i do the same with my friends and with me.

I know my family will never quit on me, neither my friends nor me myself. But there are times when you can not control your destiny and you had to face you never expect. and sometimes you only are the reason of things getting out of control. When all you want to do is wrap up your emotions to prove you are worth keeping for. but in spite of packing your feelings you end up creating a mess of words you don’t mean, speech of anger you don’t feel. A veil of sadness cover your heart with guilt riding all over your emotion when you create a scene that makes you look bad in front of either of your family, friends or yourself. In that case you seek for an answer. A solution to keep the ignite of closeness with all three of them alive. But all these three people have same impact and importance in my life.


We do find a solution as reconciliation. It doesn’t matter how much they have hated me for the wrong things that i have done, for the hurtful things that i have said and for the bad deeds that i have led. I can not give up on my self so how can they ? for those time when i am in regret and repenting my bad acts I am not going to lose willingness of living early or soon so how can my family and my friends can leave me and ignore me as i am dead ? Reconciliation is important to keep this life alive in the eyes of world and into our eyes too. What’s a big deal when there was a time of depression and we were at our lowest, we still kept going.

There’s been a lot that i have been through but I still have same respect and jest towards life. It is my reconciliation with my life. and i am really living it. So i ask everyone who ever considered me worth keeping me in their life but now don’t feel the same because of some things like my absence at prime moment of their life, some tough talks, some unwanted fights, some misunderstanding that may had happened between us, for reconciliation. lets spread love and reconcile before this life is over.


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