I’m a big boy

When I returned to home everything had changed, even the familiar look on their face, though it was more of an endearing little smile flattered on me whole heartedly. I’m a big boy and I had been back to home first time in six months, that was expected. That extra tight hug from dad and blissful embrace of mother were quite familiar. And that perfectly sound sleep on my old little bed after having the delicious and simple dinner made pure with love was enough to extract the melancholy of tiresome journey and monotonous boring routing of past months of my life. When it comes to lightening, you see it and get mesmerized by the charm and flash that it contains which is followed by a rain that make you drenched in the cold night and you don’t mind the quiver it creates in your mind. Same things takes place when you are living the most relaxed moments of your life under the shelter of your maker after being spend your life in a kind of hostile condition and you don’t mind how less this comforting event has taken place in past previous years.


Things do change, I am a big boy. And these feelings of being a big boy replace the quiver with determination of making every moment of consciousness the best. I take decisions to forestall all the unwanted actions which impede my expedition to explore the best things out of each moment. I’m a big boy so ill have to go, leave all the things that were my only treasure, desert people I always revered. Lead a life no one ever told me about; follow the path where they cannot come along. I am intended to make friends and choose not to live alone, I am intended to create some laughs and choose not to talk to walls and doors. So I let the sky fall on me. It might be either soft like a drizzle or vigorous like a storm I don’t move back or tremble. I’m a big boy infact.


Change was omnipotent all the time, I barely noticed it. But now I can see, I can observe the growth of lily flower I planted years ago. Every day when I came back from school, I kept sitting around the flower pot watering and watching if there is any new bud in the little green twig of my precious plant. But it was always same as before. Now I’m a big boy and Change is visible. Not even in the lily but also in my perception that I have realized that I cannot see the Earth moving but I can experience its consequences. I never saw Earth rolling in a free space and people getting crazy about it though I saw days turning into nights and nights ending into mornings and accepted it as life. That’s the point, you don’t see change but you experience it. I’m a big boy and I am not seeing it but I am experiencing it.


Vivek Upadhayay

I am never satisfied with what I have, and never Doubt on what I can conquer. I do not just look only in straight direction, because the world of wisdom is walking beside me and I also discover the sully soul on my other side, I am a camouflage of both. I turn around and try to walk backward to see what I keep within, deep, behind my back and accept the strokes wind puts on my face and make myself ready to get shocked any moment in life, because Things will change their shape and dimension in coming years, Good will become bad and bad will become the best. because it is what I have seen yet. Even me will not remain me, but my instinct will never change neither my love for certain things. So I surge up into the territory of stars, out of this world and try to find who I am today ?

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