Dharam Veer

“I was in my thought that how my eyes got moist when i looked at him for the very first time. I took that little pink, 20 minutes old cute baby in my hands very delicately. i felt goosebumps on thinking how i felt to have a little innocent baby who was somehow very close to my bloodline. Best part was , in many ways he look a like to me. he opened his small dark eyes, i did not know how i was appearing to him but i could see reflection of my pure love in his eyes. I could guess, that every expression, language and responses from us were apparently unknown to him except the warmth and sensation of comfort he was receiving from my grip. his each little move such as, moving his eyes, yawning, making faces, crying and a little bit divine smile that he was delivering unknowingly was like a dive into the sea of happiness to us. I can say that it was the one and only occasion of my life when i felt so touched that too on the atomic level of my soul.”

i kept listening the voices over the phone. there was a streak of joy in family with mystery yet to reveal by doctors. i kept asking boy or girl ? boy or girl , creating more excitement to the mind of the person who was on other side of phone. A thought of not being there at such diamond moment was provoking my soul like a curse. Also in mean time when no one was responding me on phone being busy in the chaos of joy of unraveling the mystery of boy or girl, i was still cherishing the moments when i hold my sororal nephew for the first time when he was born about three months back.

Now being asked about my other sister who was in the hospital, going through the immense pain of her life had delivered a little boy, A companion to his three months old cousin. A veer brother to a Dharam. As soon as the news flashed through the mobile signal to my eardrums, it stimulated the pumping action of my heart with no delay. All the things that i had lived three months back were now being missed by me. All the time i was just craving to see a picture of my newly added family member by then. And when the pics arrived to my mail, just like a burning desire that redefine your life after getting completed, near or far, in my arms or not, i felt my eyes moist again. Joy overtook my capability to stop tears at such moment. My dharam veer are now complete. 🙂 ❤



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