My Dreams That Are Beyond Reality

sometimes i look at the running tracks, i find whole world moving and myself as stationary, positioned inside the box watching each little detail like time, sky, relations going far out of reach. I also find companions in same box , though they are happy but temporary. All of them appear me like a mirror. But then i close my eyes, frightened, they who love me appear out of racing world, I try to hold them within my sight but they are blur and hard to stare. I open my eyes and my box explodes and each cell of my body get energy to move by its own, they leave my shell and run in there desired direction. I feel like shattered. I find myself moving fast just like the world moving some moments ago. I rub my eyes hard to come out of my dream but in fact i get involved into reality. I find my cells going far from my origin while the world seems jammed.

sometimes i look into the space and feel like i can fly. sometimes i feel like i can take control over my dreams and explore new dimensions. sometimes in between of my dream i realize it is a dream but my dream remain unbroken. then i start to think new and jump over cliff of a mountain. I eventually leave the earth beneath my feet and I don’t fall. best thing i don’t feel like superman but i feel like me. I fly high so no one can see me, but there is only me in my flying world. I get up above the clouds and can see the horizon. Then a white light at horizon enlighten me, a view which was unseen, touches my soul. I wonder it was always on Earth but was hidden from my limited eyes.



And when i finally come out of my dream I remember all. I remember the source of my power, limit of my capabilities and most of all the white line at horizon which introduced me to myself.


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