Headache in the morning, waterless mouth, zero balance in switched off phone, missing pillow, pain in stomach. Oh man I should not have taken those two extra pegs of rum. If all these happened for a person he is out of alcohol management.

 Vodka filled in bottle of limca with Maruti swift accelerating in fifth gear, with a couple involved in deep smooch on back seat and eyes on back view mirror and a hit. Shit, this car needs 5000 bucks to repair. Again it’s not a decent alcohol management.

Rupture glass window, bleeding hand, sheets getting stains, kissing your wounds and bloody pain while dressing. Who the hell punched my glass window? Oh crap! I will give zero marks to you for alcohol management.

Not even able to stand, lost in other world, carried by others; find yourself naked in morning, clothes in washroom drenched in vomit, complete memory loss of last night. Who knows if they put carrot in your ass? Holy shit do you know a word called alcohol management.

Walking out of a disc with spoiled lipstick, fighting a auto driver, broken heels, dropping all make up tools from hand bag, short dress getting more shorter on picking them. Oh worse of all. You should take alcohol management classes.

All these incidents one may face on having super dose of alcohol. That’s natural when you see things moving by own and dramatically disappearing. You lost your senses but unfortunately you are still a part of this world. That’s an ultimate joy same as flying in hills without wings (someone told me). Well alcohol management is must for all alcoholics to live a decent post alcoholism life. But do hell with this theory, what is the fun if you can still count your fingers, and see this world with stable eyes. I bet if you have faced any of such embarrassing condition after super booze night, you are a fearless bastard. You are dying with fun. Alcohol management is only for those who are part of an arena where they can’t express their rage even after getting drunk. Well live your life or kill your life, I don’t care for either. Just one suggestion from my pocket, bring fun to your life, experience thriller of doing things that you wish to. Live up to extent beneath the limits of hurting others.





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