All my efforts to get admission in a better institute went in vain. I applied for at least 50 colleges across India. Most of them did not bother to consider me as appropriate candidate. It was sign of nature. It wanted me to work on my weak spots. It already knew that there was some amount of commitment missing in my preparation. I preferred to join coaching once again. This time my attitude towards my life had been changed. Though my first choice was to do my PG. I started my coaching less confidently. I moved to Delhi and joined MADE EASY coaching institute in July of 2012. I was 14 days late to the class. One of the most important subjects was finished already.

I shared room with one of my grads mate, who was already managing to survive in the world of competition. It was my first day to coaching when I realized the real competition. A batch of more than three hundred students was already inside the air tight hall when I entered in class. I was out of my mind seeing the humid atmosphere of hall vibrating with the chattering of students. Formulae were airing in the space which was barely left only over the heads of students. Even fans seemed to moving, expressing principles of Science. My task was to find one seat to put my bums on and get settled for lecture. Fortunately I got one. I was seated on 21st row from white board I counted. Though, it was first from last. Just then coughing of a person echoed in all the speakers placed on the side walls. It was a sign that he was coming. The greats of great faculty, specialist of their field lectured us for next four hours. It was not just a lecture but quality of education.

It continued for next one month. I barely get seat in front rows all that month; it is a torture of life when you have to keep peeping between the heads of people just to see what is written on board. Even I was taking Bus from my residential place to reach over my coaching centre. It was my routine to leave my room one hour before my coaching timings to get a front seat of desire. Adding more difficulties to this Bus service was not up to the mark on that route. I used to walk about one kilometer just to get into my Bus. I was so irritated all of this in one month that I decided to switch to a room near to coaching center.

I shifted to the area of my coaching centre. I got another mate in my journey as my room partner. Now coaching was on the distance of just twenty steps. Life was quite easy than before. To hell with this I fall sick in one month. I was typhoid positive according to the reports in mid of September when preparations were on its peak. It took half of a month to recover when I did not attend a single class. I missed English classes in that span. They finished our syllabus in end of December including the subject that I missed at very beginning. I performed well in the test series of coaching, it was motivating. I was in a locality where every second human was preparing for GATE.

I returned back to my home town when I completed my syllabus in coaching. Graph of my study and my commitment towards GATE increased exponentially in last forty days that I spent at home. I brought three books with me on the examination centre just to revise at last moment. GATE exam started on 10th of February 2013. Those were the fastest three hours of my life. It passed like a blink of an eye. It went good compared to all my previous attempts. Still I made some silly mistakes.

Results have been announced. I am the 384th best instrumentation engineer among the 28249 odd engineers who were tested by the government of India. Though it is not best of me but I will have to satisfy with this score. I am looking forward to this sun rise of my life. I have to keep it in my mind that it is just beginning of my making. It is just first step that I have taken towards real success. There are more steps to go, way to go. And each step is going to be hard than before. I will have to face tougher competition as I move further. That’s life. I am now firm, opened eyes, feeling the fragrance of sun shine.



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  1. Roshni says:

    384 out of 28249? That’s, like, super-cool! Best of luck for the tests ahead!

  2. vivekexpo says:

    Thanks roshni, but a little better could have placed me in PSUs…. Thanks for reading it and showing your response… 🙂

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