It started in October of 2010, when I came to know about GATE exam. It is a battle exam of engineers to fight for their privileges. Basically it stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.  More than one million graduates pass out each year as engineer in India. Unfortunately there are not this much of jobs available for them. Including seats in M.Tech and other Public Sector Units there are few numbers of vacancies in each department. So GATE is a standard set by Government of India to filter best quality of Engineers among all. Now there is a trend of getting admissions in Post Graduation courses and in prestigious firms only on the basis of Gate Score. So Gate is a must give Exam for engineers to justify their talent to world.

Well I applied for the GATE 2011 exam for the very first time. I was not even aware of importance of Gate exam at that particular instant of time. Me and my roommate bought a Book titled GATE for Instrumentation. We rarely opened a single page of that book. GATE exam is set to hold on the second Sunday of February each year. It was 13th of feb in 2011. Even after submitting application fee 1000 rupees I was still same student as before.  There was no diminution in my routine of bunking classes or going for movies or roaming with friends. Well I was in Third year of my grads so I was not that worried of all that future stuff. Even on the previous night of GATE exam I was enjoying wedding of one of my cousin. I was at a distance of 200 kilometers from my GATE centre. Well I travelled all night long just to reach at time to present for the exam. Seriously it started at 2 o’ clock of noon and I was hell tired right from the beginning of exam. My eyes were burning because they had not taken rest from about 40 hours. My body was in pain because of the travelling in bus last night. Well I somehow managed myself to remain awake to next three hours of exam.

It just took a time of a sigh when the date of result declaration arrived. At the morning of 15th march 2011 I came to know that I performed quite well in the exam. I was ranked 3471 among 18000 odd students who appeared for the exam. Well I got 17.67 marks quite below the cutoff 25 out of 100. I qualified cutoff of SC category though. But that was not going to help me as I belong to unfortunate general category. Well I was not qualified at all. No student from my class who attempted the GATE exam was qualified. That was a thing of mutual relief.

As I am a fan of statistic, keeping the numbers in mind, I was second highest scorer among all non qualified students of my class. I was not among the toppers of my class but just a mediocre, so those numbers boosted me a lot. If I would have studied a little bit I could have qualified the GATE exam. This suggestion was rolling in my mind throughout the day of result. Well I became stern for GATE 2012. We sold the unopened GATE book next day of result just to collect some money to afford a latest released movie tickets of PVR.


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