Life is all about beginning and end. Both are associated with the moods of person that come in account after the way it happens. Sometimes a nice beginning gives a rise to brightness while a tragic end steals the motivation to give a happy face. Stories, these are the sections we live in our life, every action conclude a new story. One story ends and it is the time when a new start. Some stories that represent our life can fold in very short instant of time like one day or one week. It is a time that passes very soon. These small period stories express the way we react on certain issues of our life. While some stories keep running for a long time like a period of year or more. These stories define our way of living. Sometimes numbers of stories jog parallel to each other, which makes our life complex. For the sake of universality it is certain that an entity which has an inauguration will definitely have its finale. It is true also in the case of real time stories we face in our life. Now it depends on us, how we take it. Where we put a full stop and where we put all others feelings in our story. These punctuation are important because Change in formation of commas and full stop can drastically change the sense. Definitely these comma and other punctuation express our feelings. Though it also depends on us that either an end is a beginning of something new or a beginning is an end of something cherished past. It all depends on our state of mind.

We live to get success in life; we learn etiquette and behavioral ethics. It is what we call art of living. In my views it’s just a beginning of a story filled with thriller, suspense, drama, love and action. Story of life is full package of all these amazing stuff. Life is a show of a movie in same theater with each moment unseen, we all are moving towards its end. END is a powerful world, a bitter reality of which we all are aware but scared to admit. We never concentrate on our END. We are really unfamiliar with art of leaving. If we can garnish our art of living why can’t we decorate our art of leaving? ‘ART OF LEAVING’ this phrase is related to the way we leave this earth; the way we end our life, the way we die. Best part of stories of life is that these are only things that stay behind once we are gone. Each story has its moral, some has straight but some has hidden within it. We are like guest, who is living on this planet and this nature is our host. Just like when a guest leaves our home he is expected to make his leaving best so that we can wish him to come back again. Though we are not immortal but our stories are everlasting. If we can provide this world some of our prints to follow or to read or to accept, our art of leaving will be awesome. Let’s create a story which will stand behalf of us, which will represent us. Let’s make such a spirit that everyone learns by heart its endeavor till centuries. Stories of our life must prevail even after our leaving.



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