I am youngest and only boy in my siblings. It was a game of risk for them to give birth to a third child after having two baby girls in first two attempts. Fortunately it was a boy. In social attributes where inspecting gender of baby in womb is considered to be crime, they had done it without any hesitation.

Oh Indian women you are being hated right from you are in womb. Even your mother is also being cursed because of it. Well, you are welcome to the land where goddess is worshiped to get prosperity, education and exonerate of evils. But you are just a shame for a group headed by men. Definitely this group represents our India.

  I was watching TV and both of my sisters were involved in their studies when a random guest checks in my home. Guest are another form of God, it is what we learn in our ethics. We are bound to give them respect and at least offer them a glass of water as initiative. Why it is always my sisters who are ordered to take this initiative. My father asked one of my sisters to bring a glass of water even knowing this fact that she is busy in her studies. I was free and I could have managed a glass of water without disturbing my sisters. But no, she had to leave her books and take tray of glasses in her hand.

Oh Indian women you are being treated like a household servant right from you learn to hold things. You are like a hanky with a splendid fragrance, everyone using it as just to clean their hands after serving dishes of their life and also enjoying the aroma that you have been provided in yourself. You are among the beauties that are cherished throughout the world but frighten in our own land. That’s furious not only for women but also for humanity which is dying in lack of uninterrupted courage to act against troubles faced by women.

It was a good day with cricket; I kept my bat down and hurled the ball towards my sister. She unexpectedly let the ball land safely in one of her hand. She was carrying a knife in other hand as she was busy in cutting of vegetables. It was the part of her daily life. I was shocked and happy to see her grab the ball so nicely. I wish I could take my sister to playground and set her free to her daily home tasks. But that’s reasonably improper in a tiny town I reside.

Oh Indian women they may ensure numbers of policies for your empowerment but mania which matters is crystal-clear mental growth of a particular civilian. They say they will bring you at a level of equality but the fact is that you are being discriminated at your own home. It is very ill-fated that tendency of dominating women is a part of our culture. I am very doubtful if this custom will ever shatter. It is like altering your beliefs, religion and tradition because these are someplace misguided.


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  1. Supriya says:

    awsummmm !!!

    1. vivekexpo says:

      Thanks Mam…!!! 🙂

  2. saurabh tripathi says:


    1. vivekexpo says:

      thanks sir…. 🙂

  3. dheeraj says:

    this is a common problem in every home, the only way we can end this disease is by respecting our sisters, mother , g.f. , wife and all the women around us, may be by this a day comes when the fairer sex starts getting equivalent recognition & respect……

    1. vivekexpo says:

      very true…. it all starts from our own home….

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