Ek Mulakat


Food was not spicy but I was making sound of ssssss because of excitement, after swallowing water I pulled my phone out of the charger, it reads two unread messages.

“whr r u ?” , “I m waiting”, these were the msgs from same girl Richa I was going to meet after  four long months.I called back but she dint pick the call.

I replied “on my way, just 5 mins”.

My trimmer was enough charge to trim my shave completely at least two times but I dint had enough time to give it a go. I rubbed my finger on my chin; a 3 days old hard beard was giving friction sound.

I was recalling her words that she said when we met last time “come in clean shave next time.”

Shit I was again going in same look. Never mind she will love me anyway, I thought and walked over two blocks and one street.

“Be there at juice corner I m at 5 min distance” I got next msg. I can’t understand why girls always keep texting and never pick up the call at such moments;  they want us to live in the darkness of suspense until we met. Well I was already there.

Richa was ex-girlfriend of one of my best friend, we knew each other very well, at her breakup I was the only one with her. She used to cry in the shade of my arms. On those emotional moments we spent some cozy time with each other. On the surface of broken heart, between the heats of intense pain of breakup, I don’t know when she became so close to me that we couldn’t stop kissing each other. That could be a sigh of relief for her but I was having a tremor at the depth of my heart. We had an agreement same evening that it is not love, we will never let it happen again.  Neither she nor I was ready for any melodrama. We covered the flowers of love with dew of morning, we did not want those flowers to rise and let the butterflies sing over them.

I saw her coming, she was in white jeans and blue top she was more looking like an updated version of facebook. Her face was glowing like she had a golden facial three days ago, and which was glowing at its peak fulfilling its promise. I smiled at her giving stretch to all possible muscles of my face, but she did not respond. It left me neutral on the face and crying from the inside. She was still 50 meters away from me. I was keep looking at her. Finally after a long lasting wait and at a distance of 5 steps she eye contacted me and gave a smile of happiness.

“I must say you are glowing, and u has also lost some weight in four months. “ I said, I was true to myself.

“Don’t lie I know you are perfect in making girls happy through that, you are looking more mature your pimples are gone your face is more clear than before.” she said while giving me the chocolate that she had bring for me.

“Oh thanks, I know you are also speaking true.”I said and took the chocolate and slide it into the bag that I was carrying on my back, my purpose of doing that was to keep my hands free so that I could hold her hand through walking.

“How rude…!!! You dint bring anything for me and also hiding the chocolate in your bag, you don’t even want to share it with me?” she was keep criticizing me from the very first moment we met.

When girls are less confident or they are not sure about their makeup, if it is suiting them or not, they start to feel nervous and by criticizing the person next to her or by asking them the irrelevant question about the weather they try to transfer their panic to the other person and most of the times they are successful in doing it.

“No it does not like that, first let’s eat something else, we can have your chocolate after that” I said avoiding any kind of pressure from myself and also giving her confidence.

“Are we going anywhere or we are supposed to spend our evening at this place only?” she said in a tone that she want me to choose a place to visit.

“We are going to post office, I have some letters to post” I said as it was already on my mind.

“Oh really, my boy meets me after four months and he is taking me to the post office for his work, that’s thrilling, I will never forget this” she said smiling, pissing her teeth, her face was reflecting her excitement.

“What are those letters about?” she asked with curiosity.

“These are the love letters of my friend. I am supposed to post it to the address of his girl” I don’t wanted to tell it but still I can’t stop myself.

“Oh really what is written on them, I want to read, lets read together.” She said as the most important and interesting thing in world was to read love letter of my friend.

“ No way that is not going to happen we are not going to read it in any case, my friend has believed in me, I can’t go against his faith I m sorry”. I rejected her request in very strict manner.

“Please ,please, please..!!! You can’t do this to me, nobody will ever come to know about it please lets read it” she pleaded more in a hope that I will melt down against her request.

“I am sorry babe, only thing that I can do I will send you love letters written by me, you can take the feel of that later” I tried to convince her with my promise which was clearly fake.


I posted the letters on its destination. She was definitely not happy for not showing her letters but at the same time she was praising me inside for not going against my friend’s faith. “Now we are going to McD, it’s on the walking distance, at the other side of road” I said while holding her hand looking at the sky which was going to get dark in some time. She nodded and tightened the grip of her hands like she was afraid of upcoming dark. I think it was the best part of my day when all the vehicles moving on the road were honking at their peak, when people were leaving their office and were in haste to reach home to remove their socks as soon as possible, when a women was busy in iterative bargaining with a vegetable keeper to save her five rupees when Earth was moving on its constant speed and leaving the Sun behind to give us a look of beautiful stars, it was me with a girl who was feeling comfortable with me, holding my hand firmly. Yes I was definitely not in any haste not even  in the race of world whereas I was involved with a girl whose heartbeat was in rhyme with my heartbeats. Who was looking in the same direction I was looking at.

 Disturbing the silence of love, she asked me a beautiful question for which she was preparing herself from a long time. “Do you love me ?” her eyes were down to the road, her small dimple on her face was showing that she was smiling a bit………..

Her grip on my hand was getting tighter which was forcing me to love her back. Her question put me in trouble for some time. Should I tell her how badly I was missing her during the time we were apart? Am I ready to fall into love again? Should I tell her about my past how I was got ditch by the girl I loved more than my life? Should I tell her that she has rule my mind since the day we have kissed? I was in a bit trouble. I was a bit worried about my past but her grip on my hand and the way my fingers were filling the gaps between her fingers was my present I don’t wanted to lose the precious moment. I was in my judgment. According to her I was taking more time than required, her smile was gone because of silence, she loosen the clench of her hand, which made me realize it is the last moment to rejoin her question.

“Yes that’s the lone reason I am here with you spending quality time.” I said giving force to the grip of hands. My sentence brought smile to her look.

“Why did you take this much of time to utter your feelings?” she asked, her question was genuine.

“I was not ready for such question” I lied, I had no other option.

“I love you too, I love you from the day you hugged me while crying, I can never watch you crying, I wanted to make your hurting smaller, and I wanted to witness you in good spirits. I love you every single flash of an eye. I was craving to meet you, finally we are here.” I stopped, I wanted to speak more and more and more but her unexpected swift hug made me stopped in middle.

“I love you, be mine forever” she said in a very soft voice, very close to my ear as she was in my arms.

“I love you too, no doubt.” I said removing her from my arms as that was not a perfect area to get so close to each other.

We decided not to go to McD as it was already dark and getting late to her. We sat on the public chairs fixed under a traveler’s shelter along the road side. We talked for about half an hour. We were completely drenched in love of each other. Flowers were growing in the night, desires were rewarded without breaking any star, bonds had been formed. Life was beautiful.


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  1. Bibhuti says:

    Excellently written!!! While reading, I found myself lost in the story.

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