color of love



I was sleeping in the dreams of roses, and a soft whisper of a rose leaf on my lips forced me to open my eyes, she was at the side of wall, still lost in the fragrance of touch. she was silent like a night drenched in the moon light, her eyes were talking like a sound of cold wind sliding through my ear in that shiny night. before her touch i felt her hair on my face, and before her hair i felt her slow motion towards me. it was call of love, it was one of the color of love.


yes, shes still painted in the color of my love, like some paintings, which are impossible to understand by others, others only see a pattern of color in a canvas, but she and me can see the story through the painting. why she is doing this to me, i was in my thoughts, because she loves me. why she is preparing coffee for me, why she is twisting spoon in maggie for me moreover why she is kissing me day and night, why she is giving me all such wonderful moments, why she is playing with the colors of my memories. though i am thank full to her for all her creativity on my heart, but how would i be able to move on once she is not there.


It was definitely love. i can confess that she was not my first love, and even I dont have any idea whether i was her first or not. but in the rainbow of intimacy which had blossomed after the rain of love, we were enjoying all the seven colours of our life. at that occasion i failed to realize this rainbow is not going to last forever. like all the drops when travelling in the sky reflects the colors and lost their significance when colliding to the earth, rainbow disappeared without leaving a single print of it.


I was not a victim of broken heart, because i somehow still alive, in fact i faced the helplessness , restlessness uneasiness, failures, mistakes but not a broken heart. i dint remember how I talked to her for the first time, not even this how I met her for the last time. but I remember all the things that happened with us between these two instants. yes I admit she is the greatest mistake of my life.


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  1. This is so deep! What really is love — is it just those moments, memories, a fleeting feeling – or a deep commitment to give, wholly and completely forever? It is a mystery and we each figure it out in our way. 🙂 Thanks for showing me this page. 🙂

    1. thank you priya, your words means a lot. Love is in present. The one in past is long gone and the one in future we dont know. So the only love we should cherish the one that we receive in present. 🙂

      1. Wish a sweet present and a glorious future 🙂

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